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Over the last 20 years, Larimer found many new stories and pictures of people mentioned in the letters, including two other photo albums, one of which contained pictures of Jacob and Emeline’s children.


In addition, he continued to find fascinating stories about the people Jacob and Emeline knew, or met, that they mentioned in their letters.


With this update, Sigourney Press also created an eBook version available on Kindle, Nook, and other eBook sites.

In this updated version, Larimer describes many of the strange stories about how he found the letters and pictures, and how he has met several descendants of people mentioned in the letters. Most of the modern day people live in the Mt. Pleasant, Iowa area, but he has met descendants of people mentioned in the letters as far away as Savannah, Georgia.


With this updated version, Larimer also included sections from: 

• The diary of Reverend Thomas E. Corkhill, the Chaplain of the 25th Iowa Infantry 

• The diary of Samuel Oliver “Ol” Bereman of the 4th Iowa Cavalry and one of Emeline’s brothers, and 

• Sections of the book My Eighty Three Years of Reminiscence, written by William Browning, a corporal under Jacob’s command in Company B of the 25th Iowa Infantry 


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