"Love and Valor - Intimate Civil War Letters Between Captain Jacob and Emeline Ritner" REVISED EDITION


WHY THE UPDATED VERSION? Over the last 20 years, Larimer found many new stories and pictures of people mentioned in the letters, including two other photo albums, one of which contained pictures of Jacob and Emeline’s children.


In addition, he continued to find fascinating stories about the people Jacob and Emeline knew, or met, that they mentioned in their letters.


With this update, Sigourney Press also created an eBook version available on Kindle, Nook, and other eBook sites.


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LOVE AND VALOR is a tremendously moving and literate story of the Civil War based on letters, regimental histories, newspaper stories, and additional writing. Jacob Ritner answered Lincoln's first call for 75,000 men in April 1861. After serving a three month term with the 1st Iowa Infantry, Jacob acted as a recruiting officer for the Union Army, and then re-enlisted in the 25th Iowa Infantry. He participated in most of the major campaigns of the Western Theater. 

He was in the first brigade that entered Columbia, South Carolina, that led to the removal of the Confederate flag and the raising of the US flag over the state capitol building.

Emeline remained in Iowa, raising four small children and managing the family farm. Her letters provide a description and stories of a small town in Iowa during the Civil war, of the women who stayed behind and dealt with the tragedies of losing husbands, brothers and fathers to the war.