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Newsmax calls Love & Valor the “most moving Civil War love story ever told” - Bill Hoffmann of Newsmax, Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015
Love & Valor was broadcast on Newsmax cable channel on Saturday October 17, 2015

Love and Valor was the featured Civil War book by the Smithsonian for the month of October 2001. (The October 2001 edition of The Smithsonian Civil War E-Mail Newsletter.)

Jacob Ritner was a featured character in “Georgia’s Civil War,” a four part series produced by Georgia Public Television, shown in conjunction with Ken Burns’ Civil War in September 2002. Ritner’s letters served as a main voice of the North during the Atlanta campaign.

Chicago Tribune Tempo Section – Feature Article on August 31, 2000. (Numerous other newspaper articles, including the Savannah Morning News, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette, Sioux City Journal, Burlington Hawkeye, Mt. Pleasant News, Ames Tribune and others.)

One of the premiere Civil War brass bands in the country, the First Brigade Band independently created a full music program around Jacob and Emeline’s letters. 

In May 2005, Harvard University Press published Daughters of the Union by Professor Nina Silber of Boston University, which details the lives of Northern women during the Civil War. Harvard University Press, May 2005. Love and Valor was a primary source document for Daughters of the Union, with references to Love and Valor on 16 pages.

In October 2005, Knopf Publishing Group published Nothing but Victory: The Army of the Tennessee, 1861-1865 by Steven E. Woodworth. Jacob Ritner is mentioned on 10 pages of this book, and the title, “Nothing But Victory” comes from a Jacob Ritner quote, which the author acknowledges in the introduction of the book.

Savannah – A Historical Portrait by Margaret Wayt DeBolt, published March 2002, includes Jacob’s description of Bonaventure Cemetery which he wrote in January 1865.

Pulitzer Prize winner Studs Terkel chose sections from two letters of Love and Valor in his 2001 Memorial Day radio show called “War Letters.” This two hour program was broadcast nationally. In Chicago this was broadcast on his home station of WFMT FM 98.7.

The official Gone With The Wind tour guides in Atlanta and Jonesboro now tell several stories from Love and Valor, when presenting Northern stories to counterbalance the Southern stories during their tours. Contact Peter Bonner of Historical and Hysterical Histories;

770-477-8864 (voicemail) or email Jacob Ritner fought in the Atlanta Campaign, including the Battle of Atlanta and Battle of Jonesboro featured in Gone With The Wind.  {CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR WEBSITE}


Official Selection for the Iowa Independent Film Festival
Third Place Feature Documentary Competition at the ReelHeART International Film Festival
Official Selection for New Hope Film Festival

Love & Valor was shown on April 3, 2011 at the Chicago History Museum. It was part of a month long celebration of the Civil War.

Love & Valor was nominated in three categories for the 2010 Maverick Movie Awards: Best Chronicle (Charlie Larimer & Jenny Stolte), Best Editing (Jenny Stolte & Charlie Larimer) and Best Set Design (Ann Cejka, Brian Pittman, Marie Leifheit & Charlie Larimer)

Official Selection for the Memphis International Film Festival
Official Selection for the S.U.R.G.E. Film Festival
Nominee for Best Documentary – Beloit International Film Festival
Emerging Filmmaker Award – Beloit International Film Festival (One of only three awarded at this festival)
Received the 2010 Redemptive Storyteller Award
Official selection for the Redemptive Film Festival
Official selection for the Orlando Film Festival
Official selection for the Nashua International Film Festival
Official selection for the Louisville International Festival of Film
Official selection for the Naperville Independent Film Festival
Best Documentary winner at the Black Earth Film Festival
Official selection for the Glen Rose Neo-Relix Film Festival
Official selection for the Landlocked Film Festival
Official selection for the Interrobang Film Festival
Award of Achievement at the 2010 Iowa Motion Picture Association Awards
Official selection for the 2010 River Bend Film Festival
Silver Eddy Award winner at the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival

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